Matka India

 Matka Indbia is divided into four kinds of mini-games, namely Lucky Number, Dice, Dragon & Tiger, and 7 up-down. We’ve taken the fairness of our games to the next level with FairnessGames platform, which allows players to make each and every bet themselves, thereby guaranteeing that nothing is rigged. 

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Supported Platforms

Window / Andriod / Mac / HTML5

1. Every bet is fair and transparent in each guessing games.

2. Every bet of the result is according hash value generated in the EOS blockchain to determine. The detailed statistics of fair third party can be found via click the “FAIRNESS BLOCK INFO” on the top screen.

3. The EOS blockchain will auto-generate the hash value and compare it with the characteristics of the game rule to produce the result of every betting, and definitely not external interference can be performed.

4. All results are based on the final blocks generated of the hash value in the EOS mainnet.