In order to join in gambling at TAJ 101 Casino, players must make deposit into our bank accounts by simple steps as below

Deposit via local banks

In order to deposit via local banks, the players should follow 4 steps

· Step 1: They must contact our 24/7 customer service for our bank account numbers.

· Step 2: They deposit into our provided accounts

· Step 3: Confirmation

· Firstly, the players are required to sign in on TAJ 101

· After sign in, click "cashier" section.

· Click "transfer" section in transfer method option list.

· Then, click "local bank transfer method" and fill in all required information by our website and click "Finish".

· After that, the players are sent a transaction code by our system ( Notice: This code is not an evidence that the players transfer money until their deposits are confirmed by TAJ 101 Casino)

· Step 4: After finishing all information, the players are requested to send their receipt to our email at


Players' deposits via banks shall be credited right away after received in bank.


Withrawal via local banks

1. Please click '' local bank transfer method'' below'' withdraw'' menu. Afterward, you fill in withdrawal amount and all information about local bank you would like to receive as the following

2. - Beneficiary's name

3. - Bank account number

4. - Bank name

Please refer FAQs for more details about withdrawal procedure

User Agreement

Being a member of TAJ 101 Casino, players shall be entitled to full of benefits and services provided by our company ( hereinafter ''T&C''). When players agree to use our services, hereby, they accept the terms of service and characteristic of our company (game rules, betting rules and payment condition) as well as relevant rules and regulations.


TAJ 101 Casino 's office is located at floor 12, PBCom Tower, 6795 Ayala Avenue, Rufino street corner, Makati city, Phillippines.

Term of use modification

Our company has authority to add or modify T&C. All information and modification of T&C being updated on our website shall take immediate effect. The players are required to review these services and these terms frequently to guarantee their own benefits.

Service report

Players who use our services must ensure that they do not violate local laws. Our company is not liable for violation of the law or jurisdiction of players except violation of our terms.

Registration information

Players are required to register correct information. If fake account is detected, that account shall be closed and all remaining balance shall be confiscated.

Our company reserves the right to verify validity of players' information. If there is any modification of information, they must notify us at once.

Players have to take responsibility for their account numbers, password, bank cards and other security information.

Reminder: Each player is only allowed to open one (1) account in order to play games. Our company shall reject all duplicated information.

Privacy Statement

Our company always respects our players' privacy. Hence, we shall not reveal or sell the players' information without their permission. We are commited to comply strictly with this rule

T&C violation

We reserve the right to lock the accounts or freeze bonus games at once if the players violate T&C or relevant game rules.

Settlement of dispute

In the event that the players are in dispute or have any enquires (incorrect result, incorrect payment, game errors, etc), kinly contact our customer services or contact us via other official communication chanels.

Closing account

In case the players' accounts have not been active for 6 consecutive months ( no login, no deposit, no withdrawal, no stake, no money transfer and other activities, etc), our company reserves the right to put these accounts to inactive account checklist and freeze them temporarily.


Our company shall proceed to fix errors immediately once they occur. If the players get unreasonable profit from these errors or other flaws, they shall be notified forthwith and this profit shall be confiscated. Legality.

Our company has not yet defined legal limit on gaming rules regarding every country's law, therefore the players must use this website' s services at their own risks. If there is any announcement relating to legal issues from their sides, their access to our website shall be reserved, restricted or stopped.

Our website is very safe and reliable, this website and the server have no virus. If the players download any unofficial programes or documents from other websites, please accept it at their own risk.

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