Crazy Pusher

Jili Slot Machine has launched a high-quality pinball shooting game, which will take you to participate in the fun and win massive rewards; the crazy putter is novel and unique, which will impress you, and you can also win many special prizes, and the prizes will be multiplied. Or will it be a lucky wheel? Apply for membership PG SLOT now, enjoy the fun of online shooting games together, get rich, pay up to x1000 times, and win massive rewards together, our slot machines are open from now on. Earn free credits and win massive jackpots.

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Window / Andriod / Mac / HTML5

"Crazy Pusher" designed a theatrical-style graphic theme for this game, with the clown clown as the character, directing the direction of the gun for the player. The colors of this game are very attractive to players and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed while playing this game. The PG slot machine in the form of shooting to win has a unique novelty that will definitely help players get a lot of rewards. All pink, blue or gold balls are ready for your chance to win great prizes. Win prizes up to x666 times the round prize money, guaranteed to impress. Have fun with us and play right away.